Who we are.

Rock Bottom Creek prides themselves on providing the best all natural grass fed beef that you can get your taste buds on. 

The story began in 2013, when, after receiving life threatening injuries, Jeremiah's 11 years of service in the Marine Corps and Army ended in retirement. 

​Never one to sit idly by, Jeremiah found his bride, Gabriella, in sunny San Diego.

   They married in 2014, and together they embarked on their journey of their 80 year old humble family farm and turning it into a thriving all natural grass fed cattle and goat ranch. 

   It's a work in progress but they are planting and building the roots of their foundation to bring affordable and healthy meat to your family's table for years to come. 



Jeremiah began his dream of owning and operating a cattle and goat ranch after receiving life-threatening injuries that caused him to retire from the United States Marine Corps and Army. Jeremiah is the brain behind RBC that is able to allow our cattle to taste superior, while a environmentally friendly management system is practiced.  

Gabriella has always a love of animals and a dream of serving her community, so when she moved to Ohio in 2014 (after marrying Jeremiah), she left the political sector, and began placing all of her focus on providing families with top quality, affordable meat.


    Owner/Operations Manager


  Marketing and Media Coordinator