Bell is our multi faceted dog. Whether it's in the pasture or in the home she's ready to go.  

Available for stud. 

Ranger (Texas Ranger):

 Ranger is our  50 pound, blue merle border collie. While he is on the larger side, he is all about cuddling up with anyone he can find. 

Connie (Miss Constitution): Connie is the sister of Libby. She is a tri-collie who is all about exploring any time given the chance. 

Libby (Lady Liberty):

Libby is a traditional border collie. She loves to herd cattle, and when she isn't out "working" she enjoys herding the chickens and cats. 

Here at Rock Bottom Creek our border collies are our family as well as an essential part of our ranch. We utilize our border collies to their full potential as herders for our cattle. Below you can get to know each of our family members and see any puppies that we currently have. Enjoy!

Driver (Cattle Driver):

We brought Driver home from Missouri on June 25, 2015 and he shows promise. Spring 2017 will begin his official training but he is already showing drive, balance, power stance, and is not afraid to get upfront and personal with those he's working with. Driver is tri-collie.