Individual Cuts

Ground Beef/Ground Sirloin

   Ground Sirloin (Top quality hamburg): $4.25/lb

   Quarter Pound Pressed Sirloin Patties (Top quality hamburg patties): $6 per pack of 4


   Chuck Roasts: $7.00/lb

   Eye of Round: $8.00/lb

   Inside Top Roast: $6.00/lb

   Prime Rib Roast: $15.00/lb

   Rump Roast: $6.50/lb

   Sirloin Tip Roast: $9.75/lb

   Tri Tip Roast: $12.00/lb


   Cube Steak: $5.00/lb

   Flank Steak: $10.00/lb

   Bone in Strip: $12.00/lb

   Strip NY: $13.00/lb

   Delmonico: $22.00/lb

   Bone in Ribeye: $18.00/lb

   Sirloin: $8.00/lb

   Skirt Steak: $9.00/lb

   Strip: $8.00/lb

   T Bone: $15.00/lb

​   Tenderloin (Filet Mignon): $20.00/lb

   Porterhouse: $16.00/lb


   Brisket: $8.00/lb

   Ox Tail: $3.00/lb

   Short Ribs: $7.50/lb

   Soup Bones: $1.00/lb

   Stew Meat: $6.00/lb

Quarter, Half, and Whole Cows

Beef may be purchased by the following:
  • Whole Beef - Average weight 420 lbs.
  • Half Beef - Average weight 210 lbs.
  • Quarter Beef - Average weight 105 lbs. 

RBC typically uses our own butcher of choice, but if you prefer another company's services, we are more than willing to accommodate.

As of January 2016, the current pricing for beef is $4.25 per pound. This price includes the kill cost, slaughter, packaging fee, and local delivery (Within 60 miles of our ranch. We can deliver further for a fee). This is a great deal!

Think about when you go to the grocery store and purchase your steak, roast, ground beef, and stew meat (often in small quantities). You can easily spend $6.75 per pound per cut. In other words, a family of four would spend $7,500 on beef annually. With Rock Bottom Creek beef,  you still get to choose what cuts of meat you want, at a 68 percent discount, all with the additional benefit of it being growth hormone and GMO free. 

We currently have butcher dates for quarter, halves, and wholes in late summer, fall, and early winter. Please try to reserve at least 3 months prior from appointment date (as we often sell out!). To confirm your beef now please contact us directly, or fill out the form below. A non refundable deposit of $75 is required for a quarter beef, $250 for a half, and $500 for a whole.  

Please contact RBC at  (740)492-0079 for more information on delivery costs for those who are located out of our local delivery boundaries.

Did you, or do you serve in the United States military? With a qualifying proof of service, you can receive a 10% discount off your order!