Customer Reviews

"I like cooking very healthy meals for myself, but my husband and children don't like it....EXCEPT when I use the ground beef from RBC! Always delicious.No fat to have to drain, and very healthy! Plus, great customer service and delivery. No reason for me to ever buy from anywhere else again!" -Rachel

"The steaks are fresh and the burger is lean and juicy. It's also great to buy from honest people like the Hashman family."-Tyler

"Some of the best beef I've had. So tender and juicy. Amazing people to work with. They are so easy and nice and give you what you want in a reasonableamount of time. I will never go anywhere else to get my meat. Highly recommended for everyone." -Cameron

"Best beef ever! I am literally spoiled and cannot stand the thought of preparing store-bought beef for my family after eating Rock Bottom Creek beef! And actually, Gabby and Jeremiah are getting another order from us today!" -Donna

"After working with the owner of Rock Bottom Creek, I'm super impressed by the amount of care he gives his cattle. Good care makes for some even greater beef! SO GOOD!!!" -Thomas

"The best beef ever! It is very lean and has great flavor. Now my family won't eat store bought beef."-Betty

"Very high quality at a good price. Honesty made a burger with some of the ground beef and seriously one of the juiciest hamburgers I have had in a long time . I will be buying from rock bottom creek again."-James