Tips for cooking your grass fed beef.

​Cooking with your grass fed beef will be slightly different than when cooking with grain fed beef. The reasoning behind this is because of the leanness of your grass fed beef. Our beef is raised on rolling pastures of grass where they can stretch out and get plenty of exercise on a lean diet. Grain fed beef is raised on a much heavier diet, consisting of corn or grain, which is designed to pack on the pounds (often in a confined space) and produce a much more fatty beef.

Grass fed cattle gives our customers the taste they love, while also being healthy (85-95 percent lean). Below are some tips for the perfect tasting beef.

~ Cook your beef at much lower temperatures. Grass fed beef is made to be cooked at a rare to medium temperature. This is because it is so lean. The best way to cook your steak is to sear it initially, locking in its flavor, then turn it down to a low temperature. You may use a light oil to help lock in flavor. If you cook the steak at the heat of grain fed beef, the muscle fibers will contract too quickly, resulting in tough and dry beef.

~There’s a 30 percent less cooking time. As explained above, grass fed steaks do not have the fat content that will be found in grain fed beef. We skip the waste, so cook your steak in less time. In addition the steak will continue to cook once taken off the grill, so remove it when it’s about 10 degrees lower than desired.

~Feel free to marinate! Grass fed steaks taste great with and without marinade. If you choose to marinate the steaks, make sure you have time for them to soak in the refrigerator. If you do decide to marinate with a beer, liquor, or wine, remember to use less than you would with a grain fed steak because there will be less time for it to cook off.

~Don’t use a fork. When flipping the steak, always use tongs to keep the flavored locked in. Using a fork will allow the juices to escape.

~Don’t use a microwave to defrost.
Either put your meat into the refrigerator, or place in a bowl of water for a few minutes​